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Everything went great. Kendra was wonderful. Thank you very much, I will certainly use you all again in the future!

Wesley Crampton

- Wesley Crampton, June 10, 2017

Thanks so much for everything. Gia and the team were awesome and took care of every detail! The day was great and we couldn't have done it without them!


Maureen McGaha

- Maureen McGaha, June 10, 2017

We were very pleased to have Leo Delgado help us with the party at our home.  The evening of our party a couple of friends asked us for the contact information for 'That Special Event', which we gladly shared with them.
Rosalie Greenberger

- Rosalie Greenberger, June 10, 2017

They were wonderful.
Thank you – we will  use your company again.
Linda Berz

- Linda Berz, June 09, 2017

Yes, Jane was wonderful!
Thank you!
Cherie B. Wardrop,

- Cherie Wardrop, June 06, 2017

Jackie was EXCELLENT!   We all loved her.  She was professional,

charming and efficient.

Everything was perfect.


- Katy Walker, June 04, 2017

Leo was fantastic. He kept up with everything without being asked at all.
Would definitely ask for him in the future.

Donna Iglar

- Donna Iglar, June 04, 2017

he 3 servers we worked with were outstanding!!! The timing and presentation of everything were perfect.
We enjoyed this particular trio of Dana (lead server, Karen and Tim. Tim’s food presentation and garnishing were beautiful. They were excellent with the breakdown and clean up as well.
We’ve worked with your company twice now…and we will gladly work with your company again. Hopefully, we’ll get this team again.
They enabled us to be guests at our own party. It was a great night.
Thank you!
Shelbi Sheinkop

- Shelbi Sheinkop, June 03, 2017

Vicki was awesome!!! Such a great help!  

Thank you!
Susan Maslauski

- Susan Maslauski, June 03, 2017

We are satisfied with the assistance of Jane McCreedy and Juan Carlos Arjona. Our guests were well attended. 

Both Jane and Juan Carlos regularly asked guests if they wanted food and drink throughout the party. They switched from appetizer mode to warming food and setting out the main dishes on the buffet table. Juan Carlos created interest in the display on the buffet table. Jane was upbeat, attentive and worked independently at all times. 

I appreciate that our place looked clean and organized after our party. 

My sister, Joyce Pollakoff said she liked the work of Jane McCreedy. I liked that Juan Carlos spoke Spanish to our second birthday celebrant who spoke mainly Spanish.

Our family had a lovely time.

Thank you,

Charlotte Rubinstein

- Charlotte Rubinstein, June 03, 2017

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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