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Again, we were very pleased with your staff member. Susan was terrific. Helpful in many ways and very calm! Just lovely. With wonderful people that we have seen from you, we must entertain more!

Many thanks,

Susie Goldner

- Susie Goldner, July 30, 2016

Thank You!

You guys were remarkable.

Noon O Kabab

- Noon A Kabab, July 30, 2016

Yes, everything went wonderful.

Thank you.


- Amy, July 30, 2016

We were very happy with both Alejandro and Juan Carlos. They both provided excellent service and we were definitely able to spend more time mingling with our guests. We definitely plan to use your services again next summer.

Deborah Cundiff

- Deborah Cundiff, July 30, 2016

It was a positive experience with your staff and I would definitely use and recommend your company in the future.

Yvette Flores

- Yvette Flores, July 30, 2016

Patty and Lynn were amazing!

Amy Small

- Amy Small, July 30, 2016

Everyone did a great job! I told them when they arrived that I wanted the gelato served along with the dessert provided by Grateful Bites and that I probably would forget about it but wanted to make sure it was served. And, as I predicted, I totally forgot as I was busy enjoying our guests. They remembered and got it served! Couldn't have been happier with everyone . . . they truly did an outstanding job. Thank you!

Barb Freda

- Barb Freda, July 29, 2016

I want to say a huge thank you for the delivery last night. Your food was absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and happily eaten! I personally enjoyed the raspberry bars tremendously :-).

I know the drive was long and I can't thank you enough. Also, Alphonso couldn't have been nicer - he made the whole experience so smooth and we appreciate both of your help making the evening a success.

Looking forward to working together again soon (although not on a Cubs/Sox night!).

- Panosh , July 28, 2016

We could not be happier with the service provided to us and our guests by
Jane McCreedy and Inga Blumenthal.

They took charge of the last minute set-up, including food and beverages.
They made sure my wife and I were able to enjoy our party while they took
excellent care of our guests. They kept our guests glasses full throughout
the event. They also cleaned up the caterers dishes, almost of our wine and
cocktail ware and the house in general.

My wife was thrilled by how little remained for us the next morning.

We will use you service again in the future. We will be hoping that
Jane and Inga will be available to work with us again. And yes, we will
recommend you to our friends.

Denny Moore

- Dennis Moore, July 28, 2016

Thank you for your nice people who were so very professional and really took a interest in doing a great job.

Very refreshing!!!!!

Deb Seger

- Deb Seger, July 26, 2016

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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