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Your organization has never let me down! Francisco was terrific, persuading my brother (who hosted the event) that I was a genius for hiring him. Thanks for taking care of us at the last minute!

- Lori Lippitz, November 25, 2017

Cosmina was FABULOUS! She was warm and personable and dug right in even tho i didn’t think there was anything yet to do….she was quick, efficient, quiet and almost invisible!! The house looked like the party of 16 never happened. Could not be happier.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND and will request her every time.

thank you.

- Deborah Newberger, November 24, 2017

I was very pleased with Connie’s work on Thanksgiving and the day after. Connie’s willingness to put in extra efforts at every turn was evident, and her demeanor was professional and pleasant. I would definitely work with her again.

Renee Silberman

- Renee Silberman, November 23, 2017

Dear Jerry,
Once again we were extremely pleased with the help we received from That Special Event for our family party. Lorena Perez arrived at our home exactly on time, and confidently helped set up for our guests. Lorena made our usual buffet into a work of art by elevating certain platters and arranging the food artfully on various trays. Lorena assisted our guests throughout the evening, and many guests commented on how kind and helpful she was to them. At the end of the evening, Lorena had cleaned the kitchen and swept the floors. We were able to enjoy the time with our guests, and were very grateful for Lorena’s assistance.

We appreciate the consistent and professional help your company provides.

Best wishes,
Donna Wittert

- Donna Wittert, November 23, 2017

Thank you for inquiring about the server who helped on Thanksgiving-Amira Dinhka. Amirah was wonderful. Very professional and excellent to work with. Would be happy to have her back next Thanksgiving if she is available. Definitely would like a helper next year.

If Amira is not available, would like Luana who is also wonderful.

- Carolyn Winter, November 23, 2017

Thank you so much for sending Salvador to our home on Thanksgiving day! He was so delightful, kind, gracious, and most of all, incredibly hard working. He had never met me, did not know my house or how I preferred things, but quietly navigated his way to manage the kitchen, help with serving, and clean up. My guests all mentioned how wonderful he was and, frankly, we were so happy to have him here. He did an outstanding job.

Suzie Raskin

- Suzie Raskin, November 23, 2017

Inga was wonderful. We will for sure call you for our next party.

Thank you,
Kristie Mccarthy

- Kristie McCarthy, November 18, 2017

"That Special Event" provided us with the highest quality service. When we returned from the funeral service, our server, Carmen, was there to greet us with the room beautifully arranged and the food service ready. Magically, she was able to anticipate our every need throughout the afternoon! We were impressed with her professionalism and at the same time, touched by her warmth and caring attitude. We were so thankful you paired her with us!!!

Kind regards,

Carol Cukierman

- Carol Cukierman, November 12, 2017

Thank you for yesterday, all 3 people were excellent.

Best Regards,

Shoshy Mor
Food Services Manager

- Shoshy Mor, November 12, 2017

Jose and rodeca did a nice job. Will definitely use again.

Celex Thomas

- Celex Thomas, November 11, 2017

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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