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You honor us with your kind words:

We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you did, too. Yuri was terrific and his service was quality just like last year. He was on time, polite, professional and listened well to our preferences. He did a great job. Our guests had a nice holiday as did we. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

-Lydia and Stanley Kusper, December 2, 2013

Kyra and Lucy were terrific; they really did a nice job and were very sweet. Hope you had a great holiday.

-Shawn Michael, December 2, 2013

Kyra and Lucy were terrific; they really did a nice job and were very sweet. Hope you had a great holiday.

-Shawn Michael, December 2, 2013

We loved both of our servers Alex and Betty. They did a great job in all respects.

-Carrie Hightman, December 2, 2013

Always get to enjoy my guests with Your company's people. Mike Smith is just amazing & gets it.... Aldo, was also in the same category.

-Merle Cahan, December 2, 2013

Cheryl Stevens was beyond fabulous. She was on time, dressed for the job, organized, efficient, industrious and most charming to all. I am really not exaggerating. So thank you again for your excellent services.

-Nanette Wollack, December 2, 2013

Theresa was great.

-Nick Brown, December 2, 2013

William did a great job! Thanks for all your help!

-Char Slade, December 2, 2013

Kyra and Lucy were terrific; they really did a nice job and were very sweet. Hope you had a great holiday.

-Shawn Michael, December 2, 2013

Marsha and Steve were great. Thanks for asking.

-Kris Izenstark, December 2, 2013

Fabulous you sent the right person (Manny). Thank you for everything.

-Arlene Caitung, December 2, 2013

Kim was GREAT!! We would use her again in the future!!

-Debbie Federman, December 2, 2013

Simona was great!! She was extremely helpful and very friendly. It really made our thanksgiving so much more enjoyable. Thanks again for your help!!

-Laura Allswang, December 2, 2013

Mark Petty was an outstanding helper. We are deeply grateful for his help.

-Marley Korn, December 2, 2013

Amber and Mike were really good. We’d like to have them back next year.

-Edward M. Burnes, December 2, 2013

Everything was perfect! Love them!!! Thank you.

-Stephanie Wohlner, December 2, 2013

Everyone was terrific! Many thanks!!!

-Paula Danoff , December 2, 2013

Your staff was fantastic! Had a great time. Will definitely use you again.

-Lisa Worsek, December 2, 2013

My cocktail party was a huge success with Jack and Yuri handling everything so well that I didn't have to worry about a single thing! The bar service as well as the food service was spectacular! Yuri did an excellent job of making drinks, ensuring everyone had a drink all evening and attended to all the little details. Jack was a chef, a decorator, everything rolled into one! he made the most delicious and creative appetizers for the guests and was so well in control of the service that all my friends wanted to have him at their party! You have an amazing team! Thank you so much! Thanks so much for your help!

-Armeen Siddiqui-Mirza , December 2, 2013

Everything was great. Lorena was very helpful and everyone love the omelettes.

-Liz Gentner , December 2, 2013

The event went off without a glitch and that was due to the tremendous effort of Simona. She did an amazing job and it made such a difference in me being able to enjoy the evening and spending time with our guests. I would love to have her again sometime.

-Michelle Stevens, December 2, 2013

Our event was wonderful and your staff was professional and made it easy for us to enjoy our party! Thanks again! Thanks and we will DEFINITELY use you again in the future!

-Filisa Mantas , December 2, 2013

Thank you so much for everything you did this weekend. Our party was a success because of you. You made everything look so beautiful. It went off without any issues. You have an amazing staff. They are so nice and professional. My husband and I had a great time and were really able to enjoy ourselves. I appreciate everything you did leading up to the weekend. I loved working with you. And hope to use you for future events.

-Julie Benensohn, December 2, 2013

All went great and all needs were met. Thank you!

-Karena Garriques, December 2, 2013

Everything worked out very well.

-Rochel Bukiet, December 2, 2013

Kevin did a great job.

-Lisa Giles, December 2, 2013

Thank you for the note. The staff was excellent and very responsive. A number of our guests mentioned how good the service was and asked for contact information. We would definitely use you in the future.

-Jerry Kokal, December 2, 2013

Thank YOU for sending a phenomenal staff member our way! We are so thankful for your support and for helping us provide more scholarships for the breast cancer survivors we serve. Thank you again!!

-Jenn Gibbons, December 2, 2013

Thank you so much for everything. Your staff was wonderful and professional. We couldn't have been happier! I look forward to working again with you soon!

-Andrew Mooney, December 2, 2013

I wanted to offer my personal thanks for making the Newberger event a total success in the eyes of the client and the event planner. Its a week later and I still continue to get compliments about the quality of the product and the professionalism of the service. Your vision and direction are, of course, a huge part of that and I cannot begin to telly you the value I place on having you and your company working in concert with ours. I am forwarding you the note I received from Tamar Newberger, the hostess that evening. I would appreciate it if you would forward it on to those, from your staff, who worked that evening. I will pass it along to all the Panosh staff.

-Glenn, December 2, 2013

We already spoke this morning because I had to call you on how fabulous you and your staff where which was no surprise. I will always schedule you for all my staffing needs. Myself and all my family had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a huge contributor to that was we could all visit while you and your staff handled all 1st class. Wishing you the most fabulous Holidays.

-Deb Stephen, December 2, 2013

Michael was great!

-Jill Birringer, December 2, 2013

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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