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Thank you to all our clients, it has been a pleasure serving you. To our future clients, we intend to extend to you the same care and attention attested to in these testimonials. They are just a few of the countless letters we have received but to all, thank you!

You honor us with your kind words:

The staff exceeded our expectations, we were extremely pleased with the wonderful service we received from Jane, Lara and Mike. We look forward to working with you in the future.

- Laura Cyrus, June 27, 2012

Absolutely Amazing! I can't tell you the number of times I have outsourced and had nightmare experiences so working with your team was such a relief.

- Kate, June 15, 2012

My experience was wonderful. Kevin was amazing. He had set most of the party up while I was out at graduation with the help of my babysitter. He stayed and cleaned up after grilling, helped to set up the table. He was incredible and I would highly recommend him and your service again!

- Tess, June 12, 2012

We are beyond pleased with you and your staff. Thanks for making Allyssa's beach party such a success. So sorry the boys were difficult. I expected them to give us a hard time, I just didn't expect it to this extent. I assure you that Allyssa never knew about the trouble they were causing. A great time was had by all and the venue looked beautiful the way you & your staff set it up (I especially loved the dirty green bucket that transported the tiki torch oil holders transformed into a gorgeous ice bucket). You were fantastic to work with, as always.

- Terri, June 11, 2012

I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. You did a great job and I really appreciate it. Everyone keeps telling me they had such a wonderful time-- and I have you and your staff to thank for creating such a beautiful memory.

- Silvia Varga, May 25, 2012

Thank you!!! Jack and staff (Theresa, Mauricio, Alberto) far exceeded any expectations we had. They were way beyond incredible in so many ways. I will be certain to write a testimonial in the next few days. Many, many thanks!!

- Julie, May 14, 2012

Thank you Jerry, I hoped to be a guest at my own party and I surely was. They anticipated every need and were delightful to me and my guests. I will certainly call you the next time I am in need of service and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks

- Renee S., April 6, 2012

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your help in organizing a beautiful event for my family. At such a difficult time, it was such a blessing to have you take the reigns and pull everything together so we could give my Mom the kind of send off she so richly deserved. I have received countless emails from those who attended to say how lovely the reception was. Thanks again and don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of help to you in the future.

- Kelly Leonard, March 19, 2012

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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