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You honor us with your kind words:

Thank you so much. Patty and Cathy were amazing! They did a phenomenal job. Thanks again so much!

-Amy Small, December 1, 2014

Everything turned out great. Lori was wonderful as well as the other gal, Christina. Definitely would use you all again.

-Daphne Adelman, December 1, 2014

Jackie was wonderful, as always and the benefit party was a great success.

-Angie Yorath, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving was perfect! Marge and Veronica were terrific! Thanks again.

-Lisa Fleisher , December 1, 2014

Yes, Horace Hargrove did a wonderful job again this year. Thank you very much!

-Beth Marcus, December 1, 2014

Thank you so much for sending William and Sheryl to help with Thanksgiving dinner! They were Terrific! Yes, I was able to enjoy my guests!!! I have just given your name to a friend of mine. Hope all is well with you!

-Maureen Lampert, December 1, 2014

Kim and Jen were great. We’d have them any time.

-Edward M. Burnes, December 1, 2014

Robert, who came to help us last night was outstanding in every way!! He was so friendly, kept everything under control (a real whiz in the kitchen), and really cleaned our huge mess up beautifully!! He was such a pleasure to have in our home, and I can't begin to tell you what a huge help he was to me.

-Nancy Polansky, December 1, 2014

I was going to send you a note today, so happy to respond! Krystal Glassman was fantastic....the best yet. Please mark down that I would like to have her again next year. I was able to thoroughly enjoy the evening and she was very attentive to details and really did great!

-Char Slade, December 1, 2014

Everything went great- Lori was great and very helpful! Have a great holiday!

-Victoria Rheingruber, December 1, 2014

Everyone was terrific at our party-as always! Many thanks!

-Paula Danoff, December 1, 2014

Thank you we will want to use them again...

-Staci Veremis, December 1, 2014

Yes, I was able to enjoy my event. Kevin S. was outstanding!!! I appreciate the quality of service that he provides. Myself and my guests were very happy. Thank you and I will continue to utilize Kevin for future events.

-Joe Kiriazes, December 1, 2014

We wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to have Lorena Perez help with our party. Lorena arrived right on time with a smile on her face and set to work helping us. She worked smoothly and confidently in our kitchen, keeping the buffet stocked and attractive. Lorena was a natural at helping our guests, from hanging coats when they arrived to filling drinks and clearing plates from the tables. Lorena was a tremendous help in cleaning up after most of the guests had left. Many of our family and friends commented that Lorena was very pleasant and helpful. We were exceptionally pleased with her work.

-Donna and Bill Wittert, December 1, 2014

As always Thanksgiving at my home was huge success because my family and I could all eat, drink and be merry while you, Grace, Amy, Leo, Alberto took care of everything. Grace was her usual amazing self, she is my scarecrow from the wizard of oz. It was such a pleasure to meet Amy this time. She is just a doll and added some really special touches with her baby pumpkin and squash decorations she brought. Tell her again I loved what she did with the turkey wish-bones, was sooooo sweet. My 1st time meeting Alberto and he couldn't had been nicer. Leo our carving meister was his fabulous self again. Jerry you make it all happen, you have great staff because you are a great guy. They all work together like one happy family, that's wonderful to see. I was so happy you were able to come by for awhile, you are very special man with a huge heart. Thank you again and big hug to you all.

-Deb Stephen, December 1, 2014

They were fabulous (Jack, Cathy & Lorena). Knew exactly what to do and how to do it. So pleasant. Very pleased.

-Judy Milstein, December 1, 2014

Theresa was fabulous! Thank you. Having her here made a world of difference.

-Lauren, December 1, 2014

Elena and Simona were perfect. they made the evening go very smoothly. thanks for everything.

-Milt Jacobson, December 1, 2014

Asta is always excellent and goes above and beyond! Thank you also for your prompt responses.

-Judy Siegel, December 1, 2014

Yes, they were. Alex was great. We look forward to using him again.

-Carrie, December 1, 2014

Nicole was very charming. She arrived on time and helped us out immensely. Thank you for finding someone for us.

-Marc Mayer, December 1, 2014

Simona did a great job-thank you!

-Maureen Wener, December 1, 2014

I would like to say that Jane and Lori were amazing in helping us with our Friday night dinner. The dinner was a success because of them (and I have to give credit to great food from Kosher Gourmet). Jane and Lori's professionalism, friendliness, efficiency, and hard work made our evening so wonderful. We also asked Jane to work at our Sunday brunch. Again, she was amazing and worked so hard. Our brunch was fabulous because she was there keeping things on track. I have already recommended Jane, Lori and "That Special Event" to others. Our heartfelt thanks go out to you for helping us with 2 important events for our family.

-Naomi Bank, December 1, 2014

Everything was wonderful! I was so pleased with your team, both Sat AM and evening. As you state below, I was 100% able to enjoy my guests and never had to worry about replenishing food, clean up, etc. Lorena was amazing! With almost no instruction from me, she was able to find everything, stay on top of clean up, dishes, food trays, etc. She even found my broom closet and swept the floors throughout the evening, which was much appreciated!!! I loved the kiddush and wish I could have seen the room before everyone entered! Lisa told me it looked beautiful. As I told you, my only regret was not hiring your team to help Friday night. I definitely will for my next 2 bar mitzvahs (2016 and 2020!). I'll put the check in today's mail. Thanks for everything! I will recommend you to everyone. If you need a reference for future clients, I'd be happy to provide it.

-Sari Winick, December 1, 2014

Everyone was wonderful this weekend. But I must single out Jane McCreedy on Friday night. While I believed that Jane would just be supporting the synagogue staff in the turn-over of the room, it turned out there was no synagogue staff. (I'm still not sure why) Jane took charge, turned over and set up the room with very little help, and pull off the dessert oneg with flying colors. She made it as beautiful as she could, fed a gajillion people pretty much all at once, and totally kept her cool. She continued to work her tush off the rest of the evening back at the dinner as well. While I thought everyone you sent me this weekend did a wonderful job, I wanted to let you know that Jane went above and beyond. I look forward to working with you again. I am so grateful to Susan Sacks for recommending you to me.

-Maxine Handelman, December 1, 2014

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"They were so solid that I was willing to turn over the management of the party to them."

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